Sony Tall Boy Speaker Sets in Midrand, Gauteng for sale

Audio and Video

4x Sony Tall Boyz Model: SS-MF650H very good condition. Cabinets are clean with covers. Sold as a PAIR for R1500 Not Negotiable TAGS - amplifier, amp, speakers, kef, polk, rotel, Cambridge Audio, Sony, velodyne, mission audio,onkyo, B&W, Harman Kardon, Technics, Paradigm, Denon, NAD, Niles, Classe, Monitor Audio,Jamo, Sony, Pioneer, Power Amp, Speakers, Kef, Rotel, Cambridge Audio, Pioneer, Mission, Marantz, Onkyo, Bowers & Wilkins, Harman Kardon, Technics, Paradigm, Denon, NAD, Classe, Furutech, Spendor, Anthem, Sonus Faber, Vivid Audio, Proceed, Polk, Velodyne, PSB, Arcam, Thorens, Primare, Magnepan, Tannoy, Rega, Klipsch, Nuprime, Krell, Oppo